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Washington Chapter 322 (HB 1646)

Washington Chapter 322 (HB 1646)

2019 Washington Chapter 322

This law, signed by the governor on May 9, 2019, mandates that individuals under the age of 18 be placed in youth detention centers, until up to age 25, even if they were charged as an adult. If the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, determines that keeping the individual in the youth facility presents a significant safety risk, the department may transfer them to the custody of the Department of Corrections (WA DOC).

The law allows WA DOC to house people under the age of 18 who were transferred to their custody in an intensive management unit or administrative segregation unit that contains people over the age of 18 if it is “necessary for the safety or security of the offender or staff.” In these cases, the minor must always be kept separate from other people in this unit.

The law establishes other policies regarding the detention of youth and their transfer to adult detention centers.

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