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The Utilization of MP3 Players in Correctional Segregation Units

The Utilization of MP3 Players in Correctional Segregation Units

The Free Library, “The utilization of MP3 players correctional segregation units,”

“By utilizing the MP3 technology to deliver various programs, self-help material and musical selections, HCSD is now able to provide and deliver educational and treatment programs to inmates housed in segregation and keep the inmates positively engaged, working against mental decompensation. The MP3 players serve as a reward for positive behavior and as motivation for the inmates to follow their treatment plans and the rules in segregation. The climate in segregation has been improved for both inmates and correctional staff. Additionally, the MP3 players have afforded the department numerous cost-efficiency benefits. According to Agha, Browne and Cambier, ‘Enhancing the programming available to individuals held in segregation also has the potential to decrease violence and disturbances and increase prisoners’ positive adjustment. The provision of safe and healthy conditions in segregation will benefit not only the staff and prisoners in those units but also ultimately the well-being of facilities, systems and the community.’”

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Keywords: music, incentives, mental health.