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Texas Chapter 493 (HB 650)

Texas Chapter 493 (HB 650)

2019 Texas Chapter 493

This law—effective as of September 1, 2019—requires the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to provide training related to medical and mental health care of pregnant people to all correctional officers and department employees who have contact with pregnant incarcerated people. The training must cover what constitutes proper care for pregnant people and the impact that restraints, placement in administrative segregation, and invasive searches have on pregnant people.

Chapter 493 prohibits the use of administrative segregation on a pregnant person or a person who has delivered a child within the last thirty days unless the director(s) determines that its use is necessary to ensure that the person does not harm herself or others or attempts escape.

The law also provides other requirements for the treatment of pregnant people including rules on visitations, access to educational programming, limitations on restraints and certain searches, access to their infant after delivery, and access to feminine hygiene products.

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