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Still Buried Alive

Arizona Prisoner Testimonies on Isolation in Maximum Security

Still Buried Alive

American Friends Service Committee. Still Buried Alive: Arizona Prisoner Testimonies on Isolation in Maximum SecurityDecember, 2014.


American Friends Service Committee’s Arizona office released in 2017 a critical follow-up report to Buried Alive (2007) and Lifetime Lockdown (2012) on solitary confinement in Arizona prisons. 


This report highlights the voices of incarcerated people in maximum-security and catalogues their testimonies describing those experiences. It was released on the same day that the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) opened 500 newly constructed maximum-security prison beds in ASPC Lewis in Buckeye, Arizona. Forty-one incarcerated people responded to AFSC’s call for testimony, with a combined total of more than 367 years in solitary confinement. Their responses are poignant as they are chilling, and offer a clear roadmap toward decreased in-cell time for maximum-security prisoners. 



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