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Selected Issues in Mental Health and Corrections

A Collection and Summary of Research

Selected Issues in Mental Health and Corrections

Muerrens, Brad and Jesse Hochheiser. Selected Issues in Mental Health and Corrections: A Collection and Summary of Research. (Disability Rights Nebraska, 2014).


This report, accompanied by a video, written by Brad Muerrens and Jesse Hochheiser with Disability Rights Nebraska in 2014, describes “1) The use of solitary confinement; 2) in-house mental health treatment; 3) reentry and discharge planning; and 4) community-based mental and physical health services. This report represents a summary of [their] findings and provides some of the original research [they] collected.”

The report discusses the worsening of mental health condition of mentally ill patients in solitary confinement, coupled with inadequate mental health services provided to those in solitary confinement. The authors detail the necessity of reentry and discharge planning given the increased risk of recidivism and death following release for recently released individuals with mental health illnesses. Additionally, the report stresses the need for aid in successfully transitioning back into the community with the help from the criminal justice, public mental health and other necessary service systems working in conjunction with one another.


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Keywords: segregation, mental illness, reform, corrections, prison, psychiatric symptoms, suicide, SMI, healthcare, health care