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Segregation Reduction Project Report: Pennsylvania

Segregation Reduction Project Report: Pennsylvania

Browne, Angela, Léon Digard, Christine Herrman, and Sara Sullivan. Segregation Reduction Project Findings and Recommendations: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Use of Segregation. New York, NY: Vera Institute of Justice, 2015.

 In 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) requested assistance from the Vera Institute of Justice’s Segregation Reduction Project (SRP) to assess its use of administrative custody and disciplinary custody. Vera performed a comprehensive assessment of DOC’s segregation policies and practices, using a collaborative, on-the-ground approach including intensive site visits, workgroup sessions with system and facility administrators and staff, policy and case file reviews, and comprehensive analyses of administrative data. Vera then provided this report, with its findings and recommendations for safely reducing the DOC’s use of segregation and enhancing alternatives to segregated housing.

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 Keywords: disciplinary segregation, administrative segregation, alternatives, assessment, oversight