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S.H. v. Reed

S.H. v. Reed

S.H. v. Reed, Case No 2:04-CV-1206 (S.D. Ohio, 2004)


S.H. v. Reed is a federal civil rights class action on behalf of all juveniles in the custody of the Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS). In 2008 the parties reached a settlement agreement that included revisions to DYS’s use of force, seclusion, and discipline policies. In 2014, the parties again entered into an agreement that detailed actions the Defendants must undertake to improve mental health services and reduce the use of solitary confinement for those youth on the mental health caseload. Exhibit A attached to the court order delineates the measures DYS must undertake including having no youth spend more than 72 hours in seclusion in a 30 day period.

Click here to view the settlement agreement.

Click here to view an overview of the case by Youth Law Center, the organization which brought the case on behalf of the plaintiffs.

Keywords: juvenile, juvenile placement, delinquency, Ohio, mental health, seclusion, limit on length of stay, lawsuit