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Review of Special Management Units in Maine

Review of Special Management Units in Maine

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Focus Group, Maine Department of Corrections. Final Report of Review of Due Process Procedures in Special Management Units at the Maine State Prison and the Maine Correctional Center. Maine: Department of Corrections, 2011.


“In the summer of 2010, the Legislatures’ Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee charged the Mental Health/Substance Abuse Focus Group with assisting the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections in reviewing the due process procedures and the policies regarding the placement of special management prisoners within it facilities. This report strived to work for an ‘evidence based/informed approach’ with a desire to see these units be used in a rehabilitative fashion to the greatest extent possible and even made observations that we hope will greatly reduce the need for special management units.”


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Keywords: Maine, mental health, substance abuse, evidence based, special management unit, recommendations