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Restrictive Housing Expected Practices, January 2018

Restrictive Housing Expected Practices, January 2018

American Correctional Association. Restrictive Housing Performance Based Standards. January 2018.

The American Correctional Association (ACA) is an association and accrediting body for the corrections field, which publishes operational standards regarding correctional practices. For the past two years, the ACA’s Restrictive Housing Ad-Hoc Standards Committee met to review and update its standards on restrictive housing.

These final standards were approved by the committee and issued in January 2018. They include both the “Adult Correctional Institution Proposed Performance Based Standards” (for prisons) and the “Adult Local Detention Facility Proposed Performance Based Standards” (for jails).

The standards include detailed requirements on numerous points, ranging from a minimum square footage for restrictive housing cells, to the frequency of status reviews of individuals in restrictive housing, to the requirement that any time served in pre-hearing segregation must be credited towards a subsequent segregation sanction.


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