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Report to the New York City Board of Correction

Report to the New York City Board of Correction

Gilligan, James and Lee, Bandy. Report to the New York City Board of Correction. November 2013.


Dr. James Gilligan and Dr. Bandy Lee authored this report at the request of the New York City Board of Correction (BOC) that addresses the use of solitary confinement in the city’s jails.  Dr. Gilligan and Dr. Lee were asked to assess whether the city’s jails were in compliance with the current Mental Health Minimum Standards set forth by the BOC as well as determine what would be needed to change to bring the city into compliance.


The report’s findings are a resounding criticism of the current use of punitive segregation, and point both to violations of the Mental Health Minimum Standards as well as to practices within the jail system that are harmful to those who suffer from mental illness. The report’s authors point to snapshot data in which the number of people with mental illness in solitary confinement is almost double the number of those with mental illness in the jail population generally. The authors conclude that mentally ill people in the jail system are being disproportionately placed in solitary confinement.


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Keywords: restrictive housing, segregated housing, segregation, LGBT, vulnerable populations, race, ethnicity, disparities, disparity, administrative segregation, isolation, torture, discrimination, segregated housing and mental health