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Parsons v. Ryan

Parsons v. Ryan

Parsons v. Ryan, No. CV 12-00601-PHX-DHJ (D. Arizona 2012)


“A federal court approved a settlement in a class-action suit on behalf of the more than 33,000 prisoners in Arizona’s state prisons. The agreement was reached by the Arizona Department of Corrections and the ACLU, the ACLU of Arizona, the Prison Law Office, and co-counsel. Under the settlement, the Arizona Department of Corrections must fix a broken health care system plagued by long-term and systemic problems that caused numerous deaths and preventable injuries. The settlement will also allow prisoners in solitary confinement who have serious mental illnesses to have more mental health treatment and time outside their cells, and will make other critical reforms in prison conditions.”


The ACLU, co-counsel for the Plaintiffs, hosts a website with a summary of the case and legal documents, including expert reports, on its website. Click here to view the site.


Click here to view the stipulation.


Keywords: ACLU, Arizona, serious mental illness, mental health, eighth amendment, 1983, lawsuit, formerly Gomez v. Ryan