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Open the Door: Segregation Reforms in Colorado

Open the Door: Segregation Reforms in Colorado

Raemisch, Richard F., and Kellie Renee Wasko. Open the Door, Segregation Reforms in Colorado. Colorado Department of Corrections, 2015.

When reform implementation began in 2011, Colorado’s Administrative Segregation offenders numbered more than 1,500 or 7% of the DOC population. Deputy director reviews were performed to determine whether offenders who had lived in Administrative Segregation for a year or longer should be progressed back to General Population.  Initial reviews resulted in a push of more than 700 offenders from Administrative Segregation to General Population.  And a Residential Treatment Program was developed and implemented in late 2012 to support the transition of offenders with serious mental illness out of the administrative segregation housing setting.  In 2014, the CDOC expanded the model of Residential Treatment to the San Carlos and Denver Women’s Correctional Facilities.  Written by the Executive Director and Deputy Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, this report details the changes Colorado implemented over the years to transform their use and conditions of confinement in their segregation units.

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Keywords: Rick Raemisch, Kellie Wasko, maximum, close custody, Thinking for a Change, residential treatment program,