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North Dakota’s Norway Experiment

Can humane prisons work in America? A red state aims to find out.

North Dakota’s Norway Experiment

Dashka Slater, “North Dakota’s Norway Experiment,” Mother Jones, July/August 2017

In October 2015, officials from the North Dakota’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation traveled to Norway to visit Halden, the maximum-security facility Time has dubbed “the world’s most humane prison.” Those North Dakota officials came back to the U.S. with improvements for their own correctional system, including improvements in their use of restricted housing (e.g. following the progression model when releasing people out of restricted housing rather than releasing them directly to the community). Additional changes were made in how long a person stays in restricted housing and how it is determined when the person can re-enter the general population. 

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Keywords: restrictive housing, segregated housing, segregation, vulnerable populations, disparities, disparity, administrative segregation, isolation, torture, discrimination, segregated housing and mental health, international