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Health-Related Issues in Prisoner Reentry

Health-Related Issues in Prisoner Reentry

Hammett, Theodore M., Cheryl Roberts, and Sofia Kennedy. “Health-related issues in prisoner reentry.” Crime & Delinquency 47, no. 3 (2001): 390-409.

“Correctional inmates and ex-offenders are disproportionately burdened by medical and mental health problems. This article reviews the state of programs and research in five health-related issues important to these inmates’ successful transitions to the community: discharge planning, community linkages, and continuity of care; adherence to treatment regimens; availability of housing; quick access to benefit programs; and the particular needs of dually and triply diagnosed individuals. In general, such services are currently inadequate, although there are exemplary programs and promising strategies in some of these realms. Additional research is needed to evaluate current programs and encourage their replication and enhancement. The disproportionate share of the nation’s total burden of health problems found among inmates and the potential public health and fiscal benefits of an improved response should make this research a high priority.”

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Keywords: health, reintegration, formerly incarcerated