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Health in prisons: A WHO guide to the essentials in prison health

Health in prisons: A WHO guide to the essentials in prison health

Møller, Lars, Alex Gatherer, Ralf Jürgens, Heino Stöver, and Haik Nikogosian, eds. Health in prisons: a WHO guide to the essentials in prison health. WHO Regional Office Europe, 2007.

“Based on the experience of many countries in Europe and the advice of experts, this guide outlines some of the steps prison systems should take to reduce the public health risks from compulsory detention in often unhealthy situations, to care for prisoners in need and to promote the health of prisoners and staff. This especially requires that everyone working in prisons understand well how imprisonment affects health and the health needs of prisoners and that evidence-based prison health services can be provided for everyone needing treatment, care and prevention in prison. Other essential elements are being aware of and accepting internationally recommended standards for prison health; providing professional care with the same adherence to professional ethics as in other health services; and, while seeing individual needs as the central feature of the care provided, promoting a whole-prison approach to the care and promoting the health and well-being of those in custody.”

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Keywords: healthcare, Europe.