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Florida Chapter 2020-89 (HB 1259)

Florida Chapter 2020-89 (HB 1259)

2020 Florida Chapter 2020-89  

HB 1259 restricts the use of restrictive housing for incarcerated pregnant people in Florida prisons. This law prohibits the placement of pregnant people in restrictive housing in all cases except those in which restrictive housing is deemed necessary for their or others’ safety and there are no less restrictive options available. If a pregnant person is placed in restrictive housing, a report must be written and provided to them stating the reason for placement. In addition, any pregnant person placed in restrictive housing is required to be seen by a healthcare professional once every 24 hours and be checked on by a correctional officer at least once every hour. HB 1259 was signed into law on June 23, 2020. 

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Keywords: Florida Department of Corrections, solitary confinement, restrictive housing, administrative segregation, pregnant, postpartum, female, medical release, healthcare.