Center on Sentencing and Corrections

Findings and Recommendations for the Utah Department of Corrections

Findings and Recommendations for the Utah Department of Corrections

Byron Kline, Jessi LaChance, Lionel Smith, and Lauren Galarza. Safe Alternatives to Segregation Initiative: Findings and Recommendations for the Utah Department of Corrections. Report. Center on Sentencing and Corrections, Vera Institute of Justice. 2020.

In recent years, many organizations, policymakers, and practitioners have called for segregation reforms, citing segregation’s harmful psychological and physiological impacts and the lack of conclusive evidence demonstrating that segregation makes correctional facilities or communities safer.

In December 2016, Vera partnered with Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) as a part of the Safe Alternatives to Segregation Initiative. The goal of the partnership was to assess how the department used segregation, to provide recommendations to safely reduce its use, and to assist with implementation planning. Vera gained insight into the department’s use of segregation with a mixed methods research design, including administrative data analysis and qualitative research. This report presents the findings from Vera’s assessment, recommendations for reform, and an overview of reform efforts UDC has made over the last few years.

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Keywords: UDC, long-term segregation, long-term maximum, LTM, long-term intensive maximum, LTIM, in-transit, temporary restriction orders, reception and orientation, maximum custody, restricted housing, reforms and alternatives, serious mental illness, women, direct release, correctional officer training, CO, disciplinary process.