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Ending Inmate Isolation

Inside the Battle to Stop Solitary Confinement in America

Ending Inmate Isolation

Gabrielle Canon, “Ending Inmate Isolation: Inside the Battle to Stop Solitary Confinement in America,” A Medium Corporation, June 21, 2016.


The video takes a look at the lives of inmates who have experienced years of solitary confinement. The inmates share what they see and hear on a daily basis, as well as the damaging psychological effects of being confined to an incredibly small space for an extended period of time.

The article plays off of the video and further describes their experiences, while also discussing the psychologically damaging effects of solitary. This harm from restrictive housing has caused a movement to steer inmates out of solitary confinement and to find alternative punitive measures.


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Keywords: mental health, restricted housing, Special Housing Unit, Special Management Unit, segregated housing