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Designed to Break You

Human Rights Violations on Texas' Death Row

Designed to Break You

The Human Rights Clinic, University of Texas School of Law. Designed to Break You: Human Rights Violations on Texas’ Death Row, April 2017.

“The State of Texas stands today as one of the most extensive utilizers of the death penalty worldwide. Consequently, inmate living conditions on Texas’ death row are ripe for review. This report demonstrates that the mandatory conditions implemented for death row inmates by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) are harsh and inhumane. Particular conditions of relevance include mandatory solitary confinement, a total ban on contact visits with both attorneys and friends and family, substandard physical and psychological health care, and a lack of access to sufficient religious services. Investigation into these conditions reveals that current TDCJ policy violates international human rights norms and standards for confinement.”

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Keywords: Texas Department of Criminal Justice, death row, death penalty, capital punishment, death-sentenced prisoners, death sentenced prisoners