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Cruel But Not Unusual

Solitary Confinement in Washington's County Jails

Cruel But Not Unusual

Bebber, Kayley. Cruel But Not Unusual: Solitary Confinement in Washington’s County Jails (Seattle, Washington: Disability Rights Washington, 2016; prepared under grant number 16SMP05397).


This report, written by Kayley Bebber of Disability Rights Washington, explains results from their Amplifying Voices of Inmates with Disabilities (AVID) Project. “Washington’s county jails disproportionately and discriminatorily place people with disabilities in solitary confinement. This report (1) defines the term solitary confinement for the purposes of this report; (2) describes the negative effects of solitary confinement on the legal and human rights, physical and mental health, and reentry of people with disabilities; (3) provides an overview of the disproportionate and discriminatory placement of people with disabilities in solitary confinement in Washington’s county jails; and (4) identifies best practices and recommendations for reform in Washington’s county jails.”


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Keywords: mental health, mental illness, people with disabilities, disciplinary segregation, administrative segregation, restrictive housing, restricted housing, segregation, segregated housing, isolation, torture, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), discrimination, segregation in jails, solitary confinement in jails