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Correctional Healthcare: Recommended COVID-19 Policy Checklist

Correctional Healthcare: Recommended COVID-19 Policy Checklist

Williams, Brie, Cyrus Ahalt, David Sears, Leah Rorvig, and David Cloud. “Correctional Healthcare: Recommended COVID-19 Policy Checklist.” Amend at UCSF, March 23, 2020.

This policy checklist from Amend, a group of public health and corrections experts, includes recommendations for coronavirus-related policy for correctional agencies.

“As the global COVID-19 pandemic accelerates, correctional healthcare system and facility leadership are advised to complete a checklist of necessary policies and contingency planning. The following checklist is not tailored to any specific correctional system nor is it intended as an exhaustive account of the issues and concerns that agencies should consider in responding to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis. Rather, it is a recommended starting point comprising items we believe likely to prove critical for most correctional agencies. Correctional healthcare systems should continue to update and develop new policy and procedure as circumstances warrant.”

Topics include creating and updating policies that limit COVID-19 introduction into prisons or limit the transmission of COVID-19 within correctional facilities, clinical care policies, and other policies governing health clinicians, staff, and patients.

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