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Colorado Senate Bill 11-176

Colorado Senate Bill 11-176

2011 Colorado Senate Bill 11-176


This bill, passed in 2011, addresses the use of restrictive housing in Colorado prisons. It requires the executive director of the Department of Corrections to provide an annual report to the Senate and House judiciary committees concerning the use of administrative segregation and any reform efforts, and requires that cost savings achieved be redirected to mental health services and other programs. It also modifies an existing law to make association with an inmate gang or security-threat group alone not a sufficient reason to restrict the confinement of an inmate.

Additionally, the bill allows for the provision of earned time to inmates in administrative segregation who meet certain criteria, such as good behavior and participation in programming. Finally, it appropriates resources to support mental health services, behavior-modification programs, and “similar efforts designed as viable alternatives to administrative segregation.”


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