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Buried Alive

Solitary confinement in Arizona’s prisons and jails

Buried Alive

Isaacs, Caroline and Matthew Lowen. Buried Alive: Solitary confinement in Arizona’s prisons and jails. Tuscon: American Friends Service Committee-Arizona, 2007

This report shows that the use of long-term isolation is not only a violation of international human rights standards, but a thoroughly ineffective behavior-management tool that actually exacerbates and produces mental illness, frequently resulting in increased behavioral problems. The report examines three different correctional systems in the state of Arizona: the Arizona Department of Corrections, which houses people convicted of felonies who have been sentenced to more than one year; the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, which holds juveniles adjudicated delinquent and committed to its jurisdiction by the county juvenile courts; and the Maricopa County Jails, which primarily detain people who are awaiting trial but have not been convicted of the crime for which they are accused.

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Keywords: supermax, super-max, Arizona, mental health, safety, public safety, human rights, reform