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Arkansas HB 1755 (Act 971)

Arkansas HB 1755 (Act 971)

2019 Arkansas Act 971

This law, signed by the governor on April 9, 2019, concerns the use of segregation for people under the age of 18 years old. According to the law, a juvenile may not be placed in “punitive isolation” or “solitary confinement” as a disciplinary measure for more than 24 hours unless

  • the juvenile committed a physical or sexual assault while in the detention facility;
  • the juvenile’s conduct poses an imminent threat of harm to the safety or well-being of the facility or others; or
  • the juvenile escaped or attempted to escape from the facility.

Isolation may exceed twenty-four hours if the director of the juvenile detention facility provides written authorization and follows certain procedural guidelines in doing so. The same rules apply to minors who are detained in a state correctional (non-juvenile) facility.

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