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Alaska DOC: An Administrative Review

Alaska DOC: An Administrative Review

Williams, Dean and Joe Hanlon. “Alaska Department of Corrections: An Administrative Review.” November 13, 2015.

“On August 10, 2015, Governor Bill Walker appointed Special Assistant Dean Williams and former FBI agent Joe Hanlon (the Review Team) to conduct an administrative review of the Alaska Department of Corrections. Several high-profile inmate deaths, along with concerns expressed by lawmakers and the public, sparked the Governor’s concern. The Governor asked the Review Team to identify areas of concern and offer recommendations for improvement. This report constitutes the Review Team’s response.”

One area the Review Team considered is solitary confinement in Alaska, which “is widely used as a jail within a jail or to keep inmates safe from other inmates.” The report noted that “many states along with the federal government are reviewing their segregation policies and practices” and that, while it “is a legitimate and important tool for responding to certain safety and security threats to inmates and staff…a review of Alaska’s policies and practices on solitary confinement is warranted to ensure it is being used sparingly and appropriately.”

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Keywords: segregation, administrative segregation, punitive segregation, juveniles, reform efforts, oversight, government oversight