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A Blueprint for Ending Solitary Confinement in NYC Jails

A Blueprint for Ending Solitary Confinement in NYC Jails

NYC Jails Action Coalition and #HALTsolitary Campaign. A Blueprint for Ending Solitary Confinement in NYC Jails. New York: The NYC Jails Action Coalition and The #HALTsolitary Campaign, 2019.

This report, written in collaboration with advocacy groups and formerly incarcerated people with lived experience in segregation, provides recommendations for crucial mechanisms to reform restrictive housing in New York City. The guidance, explicitly targeting the New York City Mayor, City Council, Board of Correction, and Department of Corrections, assert that NYC must:

  1. Ensure that the Board of Correction minimum standards for out-of-cell time apply to all people in city jails (other than in specified emergencies) by removing exceptions to those standards for punitive segregation and Enhanced Supervision Housing (ESH) units;
  2. Create minimum standards for emergency individual lock-ins and emergency lockdowns;
  3. End punitive segregation and make ESH and any other alternative units actually about safety, rehabilitation, and prevention of violence;
  4. Adopt specific mechanisms and time limits for getting out of ESH and any other alternatives units; and
  5. Dramatically limit the use of restraints with a strong presumption against their use.

Although the “Blueprint” intends to shape restrictive housing reform in New York City, the authors note that the framework and concepts can apply to other jurisdictions.

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Keywords: HALT, H.A.L.T., isolated confinement, alternatives, lockdown, disciplinary segregation, CAPS, Europe.